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    Orchestrale Nota Nota is a professional espresso coffee machine with thermosiphonic supply system, a E61 “”Levetta”” brewing raised group, a rotary pump that controls the brewing coffee pressure and an oscillating pump for boiler refilling water. It also comes complete with a protection thermostat for a heating element, with a double manometer and a pressure switch easy adjustable by hand. Moreover the following options are available: white filter holder, black or white filter holder E.S.E. pod or capsule adapter, steam and water wands with Teflon inside cold touch, methacrylate (white, black, purple red) or temperated glass (black or white) side panels. Description


    Power (W)800

    Boiler (Lt)3

    Width (mm)370

    Depth (mm)440

    Height (mm)430

    Weight (Kg)30